10 Big Marketing Barriers And Definite Ways To Overcome Them

Your marketing efforts for your small business can become a sink hole to eat up your hard earned money if you take up a wrong path.

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If you are wondering why you are not getting results from your marketing campaigns, make sure there are any of the following barriers in your way and check how you can overcome them.

1. Bad Online Feedback

Negative online reviews can be amplified through posts and tweets. While some of them might be constructive, you have to minimise the harm when their assaults are vicious. Hiring a marketing strategy consultant such as BrandQuest can bring a positive change.

2. Prohibitively Costly PPC Ads

Some business owners restrict their scope here to search based ads where you are choosing keywords and selecting where your ads would appear. This is where lies the problem. Pay per click includes several paid alternatives in social networks.

3. Poor Customer Retention Rate

According the Harvard Business Review, when customer retention is increased by 5%, profits are increased by up to 95%.

If your retention rate is going down, there might be a problem in the tone of your messaging. As per marketing experts, using words and phrases to develop relationship based collaboration has a higher effect than the old hard sell.

4. Messaging That’s Off

Copying the same messages your competitors are using won’t resonate with your market. Moreover, it may even bring penalty for your website from Google.

Your message about who you are and what you are dedicated to should be clear and your content should be unique because that’s what customers are attracted to.

5. Website Cannot Convert Visitors

You are concerned with the fact that your website gets traffic but the visitors are not converted into sales. This means that your website design has a problem.

You might have to tweak your landing page to have better conversions. Try making the navigation simple. Sometimes you may even need just bigger buttons.

6. Prolonged Sales Cycle

Suppose you need 10 clicks to have one book downloaded. Reduce it to eight and there would be a cost saving of 20%. Buying less costly clicks from places like Facebook is an excellent cycle to cut that sales cycle.

7. Inadequate Lead Generation

The problem of not getting a steady flow of leads could be very likely associated to the tone and image portrayed by your websites, emails and social media posts. So, as per experts you would have to soften your approach. Get help from BrandQuest’s team of branding consultants.

8. Poor Tracking and Follow Up

It’s natural for small business owners to get overwhelmed with all the analytics options they get. However, not choosing a way to computerise your follow up procedures could make everything stall.

If you haven’t taken the plunge, checking out the various social media dashboards of today is a nice jumping off point. They provide great metrics that include even open rates for email.

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9. Your Offerings are Confusing for Customers

Too many options on the landing page can in fact be bad and confusing. This is true also for products and services that are not very different than that of competitors.

Investing time to front load any and each of your marketing efforts to find what can make your offering unique is worth it.

10. You are Not Getting Results from Social Media

Just like the too many choices on your landing page, you also need not have presence on every social media site available. Some of them work better than others and you will have to tally your target market with the one that works best for you.

If you carefully identify these barriers and overcome them with the right strategies, your marketing efforts will soon show you favourable results.