4 Golden Rules That Any First Time Donor Should Follow Before Donating In Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is the latest trend that has revolutionised the idea of financing and funding. It is slowly replacing loans, microlending, etc. and paving the way to a healthier approach, where the mass comes forward to help their fellow human beings; People just contribute whatever they can to make it possible for the donor to reach her or his goal. Crowdfunding India says that if you want to donate to a crowdfunding campaign and help out someone in their hour of need, apart from respecting you for your noble attitude, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before donating. Here are a few pro-tips that will help the first time donors get a safer and guided donating experience.

  1. The legitimacy of the campaign

Crowdfunding campaigns are not a new thing to this country, the norm of Crowdfunding is ages-old. And sometimes dishonest people carry on fraudulent schemes for their own selfish purposes. Crowdfunding India says that for your first time donations, it is better to stick to the safest option- Online Crowdfunding. Online crowdfunding platforms have a very efficient screening process and security system that can easily detect a fraudulent scheme and get rid of it. Nevertheless check for the proofs that the campaigners have provided. Question them for anything you don’t find falling into the place. Moreover, as Crowdfunding India points out, that if you end up donating in a fraud scheme, these websites return the money to you immediately.

  1. To contribute a certain amount

There are no limitations in making a contribution in online crowdfunding campaigns. Anyone can donate whatever the amount they wish to, nevertheless, it is better to contribute a certain amount judging by the goal amount. As Crowdfunding India points out, that on lots of Crowdfunding platforms, if the goal amount is not reached, the campaigners will not get any funding. That does not indicate that you have to pay for the entire fundraiser, what you can do is, consider the goal amount and make a rough estimate calculation in your head and contribute a certain amount that will not be a lot more or a lot less.

  1. Question as much as you want

The campaigners are appealing to you so that you will give your money to them without expecting anything in return. You have every right to ensure that the money is going to the right hands. Question them as much as you want, check out the details, call them or visit their webpage. Since the transactions are carried on online, you won’t have to go anywhere to make the donations. You can make it any point of time from any place.

  1. Keep in touch with the campaigners

Be on the lookout for what the campaigners are doing, how are they handling the project. Indicate that you want to be a part of the project too. Keep in touch with them regularly. Crowdfunding India says that this way you will feel the impact of your contribution which will inspire you to donate more and satisfy you for the contribution you have made.

Choose a campaign today which you feel needs your assistance the most. Log onto Crowdfunding India website where you will find hundreds of fundraisers to choose from and donate to.