A More Intentional Life: 6 Ways to Save More Money

Getting creative about how you build savings is crucial to protecting your financial future. When you think outside of the box on how to set aside money, it’s possible to live well even a small income.

If you think that you’ve exhausted all the options to squeeze more savings out of your current budget, listed below are six strategies that you may not be implementing just yet.

1. Get a new personal credit card

Why get a new one?

Here’s the thing, there are great credit card programs that can give you some of your money back. If you already use a credit card to manage your finances, like the one you use to conveniently pay for your monthly bills, you can benefit from it further by checking to see if your credit card facility offers cashback deals, rewards and other privileges.

By using a credit card that comes with rebates and rewards, you can tuck away a bit more money on activities that you occasionally treat yourself to.

For example, you can watch a movie free of cost when you get free tickets as a reward for using your credit card in a certain supermarket. Some credit cards come with discounts on certain services you may need when you use them in specific outlets or facilities. Some even give zero interest six-month payment schemes for when you buy certain appliances or electronic gadgets from among their list of merchants.

2. Have a coin jar

Do not just leave your coins lying around – even those which you feel have almost no value. Make it a habit to put all the coins you have and “discover” in a jar. Once you fill up a jar, head to the bank to deposit those coins.

Most people get surprised by how the total amount of the coins they have collected in a jar is not shabby at all. The main idea here is collecting makes all the difference. If you see spare change scattered around, your tendency is to think of them as worthless; you probably won’t even use them. It is important to gather them together to build value.

3. Try a cash diet

This quirky strategy works and it’s even a little fun to carry out. What you have to do is to choose low-value money to take out of your wallet and put away in savings.

For example, the low-value money that you have chosen is a dollar coin. Every time you get one, you take it out of your purse or wallet right away and put it in your savings jar. You do not touch that money for a specific period of time. Once that period is over, take it to the bank where it can start earning some interest.

4. Consider a fixed deposit account

If you find that you save the same amount of money every month because of your smart and controlled spending, you can benefit from your bank’s fixed deposit account program.

One of the most important advantages such account provides is a higher interest rate. This is essentially free money to further fortify your finances.

5. Use your online shopping privileges in actual brick and mortar stores

There are great deals available on the online stores of certain brands, from 50 percent off on selected goods to 15 percent off on all purchases for signing up for their mailing list.

Most of the time, people think that these deals are only applicable to purchases made through online stores. But most physical establishments actually honor their online deals as well. Just make sure to call the store first to confirm they uphold the program so you can get the item you want at the best price.

6. Take advantage of loyalty programs

If you have been using the same products for a long time and do not see yourself making the switch, see how you can get rewarded for being a “friend.” A lot of business establishments have loyalty programs to completely secure their clientele.

Loyalty programs include perks that can make sure you never pay full price for all your purchases as well as freebies that mean you do not have to repurchase for a long time.

In an economically unstable climate, it always helps to apply life tips and tricks that set up protective barriers around your finances. Hopefully, the tips shared here will serve you well and inspire you to come up with new ways to support your saving habits.