All you need to know about detectable warning surfaces

Equality for all has and continues to be a common topic for discussion in the world today. Its achievement is viewed as the epitome of success regarding human progress. As a result, different techniques have been advanced and adopted with an aim of achieving the same. This concern accommodating persons with various disabilities such as; the crippled, those with hearing impairments and those visually impaired. We pride ourselves in being a leading provider of detectable warning surfaces which are targeted at improving the accommodation of our visually impaired brothers and sisters. The important role of our products can be seen in their wide scope of application the world over. Three key application areas in which they have been found to be particularly useful are that they;

Are useful in avoiding collisions in intersections

Being visually impaired means susceptibility to unknowingly getting into potentially dangerous zones without exercising due caution. This has in the past resulted in several unprecedented collisions, particularly at busy intersections. Detectable warning surfaces are designed with the aim of mitigating just this.

Provide a crucial warning upon arrival at a public transit platform

A number of fatalities have occurred as a result of accidental entry to public transit danger zones such as rail roads and highways. Visually impaired people are particularly at a disadvantage when it comes to this issue. An appropriate detectable warning surface would go a long way in preventing such accidents.

Ease the mobility of visually impaired persons

Thanks to our products, the movement of blind people, especially through urban areas, has never been easier. This is because they increase their awareness regarding the traffic, human or otherwise, to anticipate as they approach different zones.

Owing to the vitality of the role they play, the selection of an appropriate detectable warning surface must employ very keen attention. We have a wide scope of products tailor-made to suit different conditions and uses. Furthermore, all of them are products of superior design processes aimed at maximizing their durability. Some of our products include:

  • Cast-in-place replaceable surfaces- these are ready-made panels that are designed for easy placement on wet concrete. They are heavy duty parts that can withstand a significant amount of traffic without wearing out.
  • Surface applied products- these come in handy when a speedy demarcation of a given area is required. Their installation is quite simple as you are only required to peel off the cover and slap it onto the desired area.
  • Radius systems- special shapes are required for coverage of areas covering bends or other uneven surfaces. With our radius systems, warning surfaces come in shapes that are custom made to fit even areas with irregular shapes hence greatly increasing their efficiency.