Find the “perfect” CNC machine

Machines generally make work easier and faster but CNC machines are designed for accuracy and improved quality. CNC or Computer Numerical Control integrates and mechanizes simple and complex machine tools according to programmed commands and codes. The CNC itself is a machine, not manually driven but automated by a computer system to drive tools like drills, millers, and lathe. By supplying the required program initially, your CNC can work on and on changing steps as it finishes one with minimal supervision on your part. Its sophistication will depend on the type, purpose and scale of work.

The different CNC types

Classifying these machines is done on different basis but I’d just state the popular ones.

  • CNC milling machine: primary functions includes drilling and turning metals
  • CNC plasma and laser cutters: uses heated gases and are used for serious metal cutting work.
  • CNC Routers: carving out shapes while cutting metals neatly.
  • CNC lathe machine: utilized for producing 3D shapes and making spontaneous tool changes.
  • Electrical discharge CNC machine.

CNC machines can be used with almost any type of material- zinc, aluminum, copper, steel, plastics and wood. For small-scale integration, the following process will guide you to the particular CNC machine you need.

What are your intentions?

Sounds strange right? But really the reason you want the machine should be the first thing to consider. What you want to assemble or build, the kind of materials you work with and the complexity of your work are the things you should think about first. The CNC pipe bending machine for example will be ultimately useful to a plumber.

How much space and power supply are available to you?

The device will consume a considerable amount of power and you definitely need some space to accommodate it and its materials. Consider the wirings with the computer systems and decide based on the size of the CNC machines.

The time and money factor

As always, this is a factor to consider in purchasing items. There’s no way your financial status one can be overlooked. The cash you have at hand will affect the type of machine and tools you can acquire. However, time and money are factors that go hand in hand when it comes to setting up CNC systems in that the more money you invest in it, the less time you spend monitoring. A more automated system will invariably cost more.

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