Help for Financing Your Business

For everything from start up costs, such as buying a new building or purchasing beginning equipment and inventory, to funding your business from day to day, Magnolia Finance has your business financing needs covered!  With flexible terms and a variety of different options to suit your needs, plus knowledgeable and helpful staff, Magnolia Finance is the way to go for all of your financing needs.

If you are just getting started in your business ventures, you can apply with Magnolia Finance for a variety of small business loans such as a short term loan or a short term mortgage.  Business loans Central Coast are a good way to give you the capital you need to start your business and have enough left to cover beginning overhead costs, payroll, and any other necessary beginning expenses that arise as you start your business.

If you have already established your business, you can use small business loans to improve your company – upgrades, renovations, or repairs for your building, for example.  Or, perhaps you could take out a short term loan to help fund a business trip that lands more clients for your company.  You could even use business loans Central Coast to expand your already thriving business – you could open a new store across town, for example, or you could add extra office space to your service company.  The point is, with small business loans through Magnolia Finance, you have options, choices – and choices give you the power to make your good business into something truly fantastic!

Magnolia Finance is not just there to help you finance the big stuff either!  Through Magnolia Finance, you can also obtain revolving lines of credit that ensure that you have always have cash on hand when you need it.  One of these options is called invoice finance Sydney.  Invoice financing gives you the opportunity to borrow money against invoices that are owed to you.  Say, for example, that you have a client who pays consistently and steadily but he only pays once per month.  You can borrow a certain amount of money from Magnolia with that client’s invoice as collateral.  You get the money now and pay it back at the beginning of the next month when your client pays you what he owes you.  And, as simple as that, you always have access to money on your time, when you need it.  Of course, this service has a small borrower’s fee, a percentage of the invoice amount, that you have to pay up front to get the money but, it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you get from steady cash flow.

Let’s summarize – for the really big stuff like starting a new business or paying for expensive repairs and renovation, Magnolia has you covered with short term loans and short term mortgages.  For the little day to day stuff, Magnolia has you covered with steady cash flow options such as invoice finance Sydney.  So, basically financing big or small, Magnolia Finance covers it all!