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How Much are You Spending on Halloween Costumes?

This year we decided that we would be buying a Halloween costume for our daughter.  No not some onesie that read “Trick or Treat” but rather an actual costume.  When we asked other parents what they were spending we were amazed.

Who knew that a costume for Halloween could cost so much for a 6 month old.  Here we were thinking $15-20 and we would be set.  WRONG!!!

Why Not Make a Costume?

Well the thought crossed my mind about a homemade costume but that was shot down before it made it to the other side of my brain.  My wifey wasn’t trying to have her first born in a homemade outfit by daddy.  LOL.  I can’t blame her.

Not that I am for spending crazy money but come on this was the first Halloween ever and it was something you could never get back.  Needless to say I didn’t want my little girl to look like Theo from the Cosby show when is sister made him a high end designer shirt.  Check it out here.

What We Decided To Do

Since we were hearing prices as much as $79.99 for costume we agreed that we both had to look and come up with a price that we felt was reasonable yet got our daughter a very nice outfit.  After a few days of looking we were able to decide on $25-35 price range.

Anything over that was just more than we were willing to or going to spend.  So after we narrowed how much we were welling to spend we had to decide on a costume. To my surprise the wifey said I could pick out what she would go as.

At first thought I wanted her to go as Catwoman since I had plans this year for the whole family to dress up and I was going as Bane.  That didn’t work since costumes are soooo expensive.  Since I call her my super Twinkie I found her a little Superwoman costume.

Lessons About Spending On Costumes

I now know why some people build businesses around costumes and party events.  I saw one costume for Halloween that was $150.  I mean how many times are you going to wear that thing?  Halloween also taught us to be careful on what you spend you money on.

SuperWoman Halloween Costume

Look there will always be something going on that you want this or that for.  At the end of the day you need to really decide if it is worth is or not.  For us, our baby’s first Halloween costume was will worth the cost.  Those are going to be memories that money saved won’t make us feel good about it if we missed doing it.

You know we talk a lot about finances and being frugal but don’t miss out on life by being cheap all the time.  Some times the right choice is spending a little bit of money.

What About Your Halloween Costumes?

Halloween is just around the corner so are you dressing up?  If not and you have kids are you buying them outfits?  I remember growing up and we were happy to just get the mask that was suppose to have an outfit.  How much are you willing to spend on a costume for your child?