How small businesses can use Instagram Business Tools

 More than 25 million brands are on Instagram posting content daily. While it can be intimidating to join that race, if you run a business, it’s important to learn how to effectively use social media platforms to promote your brand.

Mastering successful digital marketing can take practice, but luckily Instagram has designed tools specifically for online businesses to help them get ahead.

Adoni Media’s public relations team has some tips for using Instagram Business Tools to maximise customer engagement and generate business for your brand.

What are Instagram Business Tools?

Instagram added user-friendly Business Tools to help businesses grow, drive sales and increase followers.

To activate the new features, you first need to create an Instagram Business Profile. To do this, simply change your profile’s settings from personal to business.

Once your profile is set up as a business account, you will unlock new features including:

  • Real-time data on how your stories and posts are performing
  • Unique insights into your followers and how they interact with your profile
  • Ability to customise and add information about your company to your profile, such as business hours, location and a phone number.

These tools will help generate target audience data, helping you to create content that appeals to your target audience.

How to use Instagram Business Tools to promote your business

Instagram is a great place for building your brand, connecting with potential customers and showcasing your unique services and products – but as a visual platform, it can be hard to convert customers from looking to shopping.

The Business Tool features will help drive sales through call-to-action prompts encouraging a follower to become a buyer.

Most importantly, these new tools allow you to seamlessly connect your Instagram account to your online shop. This will make it easier for your followers to purchase the products and services posted on your Instagram.

Features of Instagram Business Tools that increase sales:

  • Linking your website or online store to your profile
  • Adding shoppable-links to photos and stories
  • Enabling pop-ups and promotions on your profile
  • Promoting well performing posts and stories.

With these new tools, Instagram can become your main platform to promote and sell your services and products.