How To Check Online patent Registration in India

Patent search is a very initial and important step in the process of Online patent Registration in India. Patent search is a search of the patent database to know if there is any patent application similar or identical to the invention that is to be patented.

In India patent search is a free of cost method. A patent search can be done through the patent database of India, which is available at Govt portal.

Under which publication a patent search have to be done, will depend on the status of the Online Patent Filing in India. There are two publication types : Published or Granted.

The user can view several categories like:

  • Application Date
  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Complete Specification
  • Application Number
  • Patent number
  • Applicant Name
  • Inventor Name
  • Inventor Country
  • Inventor Address
  • Filing office
  • PCT Application Number
  • PCT Publication number

There is a search box next to every category where the user can enter the keyword of the patent that he wants to view.

After this, number of relevant patent results will appear for the Patent search query. With the help of patent search, the applicant can find the following information about the patent:

  • Invention title
  • Publication Number
  • Publication Date
  • Publication Type
  • Application Number
  • Application Filing Date
  • Priority Number
  • Priority Country
  • Priority Date
  • Field of Invention
  • Classification
  • Inventor Name, Address, Country, Nationality
  • Applicant Name, Address, Country, Nationality
  • Abstract
  • Complete Specification

The patent search database allows the applicant to check the Status of the Patent application, in the ‘Application Status’ tab. In the ‘Application Status’ tab, the applicant have to enter the Application number along with the displayed code and click on the ‘Show Application Status’, to see the results. The results will display the details of the application such as:

  • Application number
  • Applicant number
  • Date of filing
  • Priority date
  • Title of the invention
  • Publication date
  • Application Status

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