Knowing More about Gas Safety Checks in the UK

Did you know there are five million privately rented properties in the UK? While gas safety norms and regulations have been established for the landlords, things don’t seem so bright as of now. Apart from property owners missing on such checks, many small business energy users don’t know or understand the need for annual gas safety check, which actually can annul their insurance.

Are gas safety checks in the UK too lax?

Well, unchecked and poorly maintained gas appliances can cause leaks, fires and explosions, and with so many lives and properties at stake, it makes sense to consider gas safety regulations more seriously. The norms related to this differ from place to place. Landlord Licence Scheme says that landlords must prove that all requirements related annual gas safety check have been met before the property is given to tenants. As of now, only 40 local authorities in the UK operate the scheme in their area. What’s surprising is the fact that most landlords know about the requirements and yet restore to DIY heating repairs and skip these checks completely. To add to the problem, there are over 7,500 unregistered gas fitters in the country.

Small businesses must also take a share of the blame. Many using mains gas had no idea that the gas appliances need to be checked every year, and around 18% of them didn’t have a visit from Gas Safe Engineers in the past year.

What does a gas safety regulation mean for the property owners?

Landlords and property owners do have a few confusions with regards to gas safety regulations. Business gas supplier Flogas Energy offers a simple checklist for help below.

  • Ensure yearly maintenance and check for all gas appliances and systems.  Landlords should ensure using a Gas Safe registered engineer for their gas appliances. Generally, manufacturers do offer a list of instructions about servicing of appliances, but if that’s not available, yearly check is must.
  • Make annual gas safety check a priority. A full gas safety check is a must every year, which must be done Gas Safe registered engineer and will cover all your appliances. This, however, doesn’t include tenants’ owned appliances.
  • Record all gas safety checks. When it comes to gas safety checks, use the Landlord Gas Safety form and make sure that all the records are kept until next two checks have been done. A copy of the same must be given to tenants within 28 days.

According to latest rules of April 2018, landlords can arrange for annual gas safety check two months prior to the actual date but without affecting the expiry date of the current one. Please visit to find Gas Safe registered engineer near you.