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Labor of Love – Now What?

So I started this site as a place to talk about personal finance and to help me join a community of people who all love talking about and sharing tips and stories.  The goal was to make sure that this was just something that I did and enjoyed doing.  While I really enjoy meeting people and reading everyone’s stories and commenting its just so time consuming.

Working Smarter Not Harder

Well really thats not even the problem.  No its not the writing of posts.  The updating of the sites.  The leaving comments and sharing on twitter and helping other bloggers out with SEO questions or how to get traffic.  Those things are not the problem.  One of the biggest things it that the blog is a huge time suck and guess what – THAT’S STILL NOT THE PROBLEM.

So What’s The Problem Thomas You Ask?

Well the biggest problem is I support my family from my online business and this blog makes me ZERO DOLLARS!  Yeah nothing.  So while all those other things don’t bother me this does.  You see I could easily pimp out this bad boy to make some money.  Adsense here, sponsored posts there, a little affiliate link here and there but I chose not to.

No I don’t think anything is wrong with that.  Hey I say if you can make money from it do it.  Shit its your blog do what the hell you want to.  It just wasn’t the plan for Your Daily Finance. See this site here will be a top blog but at some point someone or some people are not going to like what happens.

What I’m I Talking About

Well you see I have a few choices that makes sense that I can do.  I can start making money with this site which would make sense for me to spend more time doing things to it or can stop spending so much time to work on my other projects that have the potential to be me money starting as soon as October.  As you can probably tell for my lack of regularly schedule posting and commenting I am already leaning to one choice already.

I really like blogging but you’d be surprised how many bloggers are making 10k per month and guess what its not FROM BLOGGING!!!!  Yeah I know a lot of people are making good money but many of them have a lot of projects behind the scenes and in many cases you know of them because of the blogs but the money is coming in for other things.

My Goals and Plans for the Future

Currently I have about 10 projects going on.  The major one right now I have been working on for the past two months and I expect to make at least 5-10 for the month of October if all goes will.  And the funny thing is that I will spend a whole lot LESS time working on this then it takes me to run this labor of love.  I wish I could go into details but the one thing I know from working online is that if you tell too many people what you are doing you are going to have a lot of competition.

Don’t believe me?  Check out how many people are now doing blog ad management, blog management services or even better just go ask Holly how many people tried to steal her writing gigs!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

I am also working on a few niche sites that deal with Adsense and Amazon affiliates.  I am not really a fan of either but I met a guy who sells them for 6-10 times their current earnings.  What does that mean?  Well if the site makes $200 per month he sells them for around $1200-$2000 a pop and builds more and sells them.  He has made more that $300k in the past 3 years doing this.

The reason I can tell you this plan is because most people are not going to be successful doing Adsense or Amazon sites and will quickly give up.  However they will go out and buy a site that is already making money.

I am also working on my travel sites as well as a few business offline.  I know I like to stay busy but sometimes too busy can be a problem as well.

Cutting the Fat and Making Money

No I am not closing shop here and I don’t want readers to think I am abandoning ship.  My plans and goals are still to post about 2-3 times per week but I will have to write posts ahead of time like I did this one.  And get guest posts early so I can schedule them.  Most of my busy time will be spent working on projects that will bring me money so I can hmmm pay my bills!

I am looking at redesigning the site and in the future will be putting up banners and ads.  No they wont bring me any money per se but they will hopefully send traffic to my other projects like my site the will be built so that people can buy niche sites and my travel site that gives great discounts on hotels, restaurants and activities.

All of these are still in the making so stay tuned!

Little Update So You Know What’s What

So far my site has grown to over 4000 unique visitors per month, has made no money, have reached below 100k Alexa, has a DA of 40 and PA of 50 with over 9k links.  I am actually ok with it since the site has no real focus and talks about everything.  If you want track you either post everyday since Google is in love with Freshness of you do some keyword research to zero in on organic traffic.  I have done neither.

I actually have a weight loss site that I have not updated or touched in about a year and a half and it still gets twice the unique visitors as this site.  Crazy huh?  Well it is what it is.  Have a plan when building a site or you are just planning to fail.  For me this site was a way to test somethings, meet new people, and helps those who need any type of seo or digital marketing help.

What’s Your Take?

I would really like to hear from readers and other bloggers.  What would you be doing right now?  This blog is like my vacation home that needs to be built.  I enjoy working on it but I don’t live there.  When things go wrong I have to fix the place I live (ie sites and projects that make money).  I end up taking time away from here but this is the place that everyone knows me from.

Lets get the ball rolling………..