Nine Costly Mistakes Often Jewellers Make When It Comes to Security

If you are in the jewellery business then in order to increase your profitability in the business not only you must concentrate on your marketing and sales but also be careful about security.

Most of the jewellers often suffer great losses in spite of doing brisk business only because of theft in their shop for small items like double pearl earrings etc.

Following are few mistakes that can prove to be very costly for a jeweller.

Leaving the showcase open during sales or leaving the key on the lock

Expert thieves only need few seconds to steal a jewellery item or sometimes pick up many numbers of items before you blink your eyes.

Showing more than single item at one time

This is again a costly mistake to avoid. More items you show to your customers, they may get more chance to swap it with any imitation.

Accepting credit card payment from any unknown customer

Before accepting credit card from a stranger, it is prudent to get all his details and ID information so that you can verify his details.

Leaving the showcase just covered with clothes

Never do this even for your low value jewellery item. Thieves will just need couple of minutes to wipe out your show case before you realize it.

Only relying on burglary alarm

Often the burglary alarm can be a false alarm and an expert thief may exploit such situation. Therefore, you must have an additional security arrangement too.

Not having complete electronic protection of whole premise

You should not take any chance while protecting your whole premises. Your whole area must be well protected against all kinds of security loopholes by using an electronic surveillance.

Leaving high end products in display showcases

For all your expensive jewellery item while keeping in the show case, you need to use extra amount of security.

Ignoring periodic checking and servicing of surveillance system

It is necessary to ensure that all your surveillance system is working properly so that you may not get a surprise.

Leaving jewellery in a vehicle which is unattended

If you are travelling with your jewellery item don’t forget to keep your items properly attended.