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$3005.50 October Income Update and YDF Changes

Its been awhile since I really had the chance update the site with a more personal post.  A lot has been going on online for me over the past few months and like I said I really enjoy this site but had some other projects that just needed my attention.

This is not my first time with online marketing for a full time gig and this time I refuse to stop.  Before I was making good money but thought that the 8-5 life was better for me at the time so I decided to pursue a career in digital marketing and SEO.

Needless to say some of the people I started with are now living location free lifestyles and enjoying traveling while I was grinding it out in corporate America.  For some people its a great way to live.  For me not so much.

So I went back to what I new which was online – however I took a different route this time.  I had read so many blogs about people making money through blogging that I thought that was the route I wanted and needed to take.  Boy was I wrong.

What I Learned From Six Months

Overall the focus should have always been do what I know and not follow the crowd.  I really enjoy the community that I found and the people I met.  However in the end it was about making money and spending a lot of time and hard work and not making any money is really not what i was trying to do.

With in six months I was able to get some great metrics for Your Daily Finance but soon realize the only way for me to make money was to use guest posts and that wasn’t the purpose of the site so it was not going to be a money maker.

Many would say why not sell guest posts.  Well it wasn’t apart to the plan.  To be honest there wasn’t really a plan.  And that is where I failed miserably.  Every other time I did something online I had a precise plan and strategy to be executed.  This time well I didn’t and paid for it.

Big Changes Where Made and Some Hurt

One of the things I loved about starting this site was the community.  But I spent so much time giving advice, reading and following other bloggers, and writing that there was actually no time to make money.  I actually read a post from MMD that really hit home check it out here.

Basically it was about spending so much time doing things that may not have the effect that you wanted.

I basically stopped checking my emails to this site, following soooo many blogs and doing some of the things that wasn’t actually help me accomplish my goals.  Many of the people that use to follow my site no longer follow and I think it was because I don’t really leave a lot of comments and share as much as I use too.

Traffic is going up but comments are down.  Funny thing is that when I look at some of the people who make the most money online many of them are rarely commenting or following others.  That wasn’t the route I had planned to take but right now I am focused on hitting my 10k per month goal and October was a great start.

Numbers For October and Plans

October was great for me and I made over $3k for the first time in many months online.  I basically went back to what I know and know well and I am expanding it.  Sorry can’t give the details since in the online world what you know really only works until to many people catch on.

With a partnership I have I was able to make $2,405.50 that has been paid.  I still have another $1,398 from October but since it was not paid I am putting it with Novembers income.  My partner and I are looking to ramp this up to $30k over the new few months and both think is it a great business model.

The other $600 came from one of my niche sites that I have been working on.  I was never really a fan of adsense but I have found a way to make it work through some help with two partners and one of my sites is averaging around $20 per day.

Not much but over the course of a month that’s easily $600.  The good thing is that as traffic increases and more quality writing I can stand to increase it to $100-200 per day.  The goal here is to build 2-5 great sites that I keep and hopefully earn about $3-10k from them on a monthly bases.

Make Money Online

While those sites are earning me money I plan to build smaller sites and sell them to people who want to have Adsense earning sites but don’t know how to start them.  We will build them, get them earning money then sell them off for the 5-10x the amount they are earning monthly.

Things Are Moving On And Wish Everyone The Best

Your Daily Finance will keep moving forward and I actually post here 5 times a week now and sometimes more.  I don’t comment on as many sites but I do stop by to read them for time to time.  I will do a little more commenting here and there but no where as much as I use to.

I plan to give a few more income updates but will probably not be one of those people who show income every month. Since I don’t keep up with so many blogs anymore I really wish everyone the best on there endeavors and really want people to know that there are many many ways to make money online.  Blogging is just one way to do it. My goal is to make $50k per month and while some may think its far fetched i like big goals.

How are things going for you?  How did you do last month for income?