Peter Loftin Became a Successful Business Owner Despite His Non-Business Family Background

Very less business owners are great philanthropists and Peter Loftin is of those. He started from a very humble background and went on to become a well-known name in telecom business, and that too at a small age. His mother Maree Nelson Loftin was an elementary school teacher and father Robert G. Loftin was a Korean War veteran and had been into US Government Social Security Administration.

Peter T. Loftin had nil business background and he could easily choose some job like his parents. But he had a bigger vision for life and wanted to serve the society as well. This drew him into smart and money-making business that brought him profits and he used a lot of money for social causes at many levels.He has also been recognized several times for his business and social works since the time of his start.

Peter was Always Sure about His Social Concerns Along with Business Concerns

In fact, when he was establishing his company BTI, at that time he was in his twenties and in his twenties only, he had initiated Coats for Kids campaign, through which poor children were given winter coats for protection in chilled weather. So, his intention was always clear towards charity. In 1983, Loftin founded Business Telecom Inc. (BTI) and expanded it successfully in very less time. Soon, it became the top company in the country and more than that the largest employer.

BTI Became One of the Largest Employers in USA

Many ob seekers found their dream jobs at BTI and grew into their own successful careers. Peter Loftin was and is still known for offering low price long-distance communication plans, leading to the popularity and demand of BTI’s services. Growing the business along with pampering and satisfying the people’s needs has been the special trait of Loftin as an entrepreneur. He can easily be an ideal for any aspiring business owner who wishes to offer full customer satisfaction.

Loftin Established the Largest Whiskey Distillery in the Country

Among his recent initiatives is the establishment of USA’s largest whiskey distillery known a in 2016s Bardstown Bourbon. It includes a collaborative programme of Rye, Whiskey, and Bourbon distilling. Peter Loftin is the chairman of the board and has also formed partnership with Constellation Brands.He is aimed at providing authentic products to his customers.

Peter Loftin has also contributed in the defence sector of the country. He founded GlobeSecNine, now called as Torch Hill Investment Partners. It provides growth capital to the international and domestic companies engaged in intelligence and defence. Thus, he tries to help the investors in the defence segment.

Peter Loftin Has Actively Participated in Providing Counter-Terrorism Services

Peter feels that terrorism is one of the biggest threats to humanity and development. He laid the foundation of CM3 Group along with Richard Shaffer and Michael Haley for countering terrorism. Peter Loftin wishes to eradicate terrorism at global levels. CM3 Group provides counselling on how to counter terrorism and how to use law for the same.

Peter keeps on donating for arts, charity and medical concerns of people. He addresses to the needs of the youth and children and tries to give them the best possible services through his initiatives. People like him are ideal examples for those who try to do something good in life.