Reasons why digital marketing is slowly taking over traditional advertising.

Everything comes down to what is best for your company to grow. Although this constant debate might seem like a tough decision for you to make, but you must keep all these points in mind before you make a decision.

Marketing is part and parcel of every business. Any entrepreneur who is wise and wishes his company to grow will have a budget kept aside for marketing purposes. The problem with this world is it is evolving, and more than half of the population is invested in the digital world, and the small population that is left behind has no idea about it.  So, we will give you the statistics that you need to know to decide between traditional and digital marketing.

What do you understand by traditional marketing?

The mode of marketing that has been since the beginning of advertisements.  Newspapers, Television, Billboards, Flyers, Ads on magazines and radios.

What is digital marketing?

With the onset of globalisation and technology, this is the most common method of marketing. As the internet has its influence on almost every sector and realm, it has it in the marketing world too. It includes social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Sites like LinkedIn. Emails for promoting different ads, pop-ups, blogs and other options.

After knowing about traditional and digital marketing, it is time to understand what do the statistics say about them.

You have to understand that traditional marketing existed only because there was no digital marketing at that time.

  •    The cost

An entrepreneur has to consider the cost of marketing his business. It needs to be cost-effective no matter what the size of operation he or she has. Television and newspaper ads are pretty costly whereas online or digital advertising can be done with a small sum of money.

  •    Results.

When it comes to traditional marketing, an entrepreneur has to wait for months before he/she sees any sort of boost. Again, digital marketing takes away a prize as it shows faster results. One can see results within hours and can start the work on the required areas in no time.

  •    Helps to develop brands

The image that online advertising creates in comparison to traditional advertising is what a business needs. Traditional marketing and the limitations it has concerning frequency and space makes online advertising a winner. Rather than having a small column regarding your company on the newspaper you can have an entire website that is devoted to your brand.  This will help to create an impact on viewers and customers everywhere.

  •    Not welcoming

You watch the Television, not for the ads, you buy the newspaper to know about the events and radio is already a concept that is becoming extinct. Everywhere you see you will find loopholes in traditional marketing. We can for sure say one thing every means of social media is mostly ignored. Now, if you see digital advertising, the customers are given a choice of viewing or ignoring the advertisement. It is not forced on them.

  •    Exposure to the advertisement

The number of people watching the ad that you published in a particular newspaper will be relatively less. One can’t claim that a specific ad on the TV will get everyone’s attention. So, it can be said that traditional advertising doesn’t have the kind of exposure you need. On the other hand, an online advertisement reaches out to the whole world.

  •    Interaction with the audience

A company or business will only thrive when you hear back from the target audience. In traditional advertising, you will have to wait for the response from the audience for a long time. It is a tedious and lengthy procedure. When you are advertising with the help of the internet, your audience gets the chance of discussing and chatting about their views, feedbacks, complains and everything else about your company online in a matter of seconds. For example, go to and you will see how efficiently they interact with their customers. They attract their audience with the discounts, offers and deals in store.

  •    Publicity.

The results relating to the publicity of your brand and company with the help of online advertising is much more and happens quicker than traditional advertising. Even when your brand fails to get the needed popularity, you will know the reasons as to why it didn’t work out. Coming to traditional advertising, there is no place for it to shine here.

The world is evolving. You and your company need to grow with it. The reasons and statistics are enough for you to choose digital advertising over traditional advertising.