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Retiring at 65 is Too Young? Really Are You Kidding Me!

A few days ago I read two articles that talked about why you shouldn’t retire at 65.  While they both make good points I don’t think that most people who are working after 65 are really working because they are enjoying it.  Sure I know they did a pole but I am guessing that the pole they took were of people who had money saved and were happy with their careers.

Let’s face it though, a lot and I mean a lot of people simply don’t go to work because they enjoy what they do.  They have bills to pay and use the income to enjoy life.  If they could reap the same rewards by not working not one of them would think twice about going in to work.

Retiring By or Before 65

I am not saying that everyone wants to or will be able to retire by 65.  Having that as a goal in itself takes a lot of discipline and smart choices to even be able to get to that point.  For the most part in general society may having giving up on the idea of retirement.  A lot of people don’t have 401k’s or even money in their savings account.

Sure they have a savings account but that account probably only hold enough money to cover the overdraft protection from the checking accounts.  Getting there takes more work then some people are willing to put in.  Not saying its not possible but many don’t think about retirement and planning until its too late.

Forget Working All Your Life

Look sure nothing is promised but if you decide now that you want to retire early then set goals and work towards them.  You don’t have to work all your life and you don’t have to work until some magic number.  Who made 65 the right number for everyone to retire anyways?  That’s just the age you can get benefits.  Some of the old school adults have been working since they were kids.  So you have been working since age 10 and you want to retire at 65 or after?

I’m not really liking the thoughts of that one.  You work 55+ years to have debt and possibly enjoy 10-15 years before you die?  Sure if that’s what you want be my guess.

What Age Should One Retire?

So if 65 is too young or old to retire when should you retire?  That answer honestly can be whenever you want or financially able to.  Some people enjoy doing what they do.  They don’t even call it work!  You have others who go into the office and honestly have enough money to have stop working long ago.  On other hand you have people who wish they could stop but don’t quite have enough saved to do so.

The right age for retirement is the age that works to your advantage and fits your goals.  The more things you want and need to spend money on the more money you need to earn and have saved.  Then there are those who buck the trend and say they are going to just retire in Mexico or some place.  The choice is yours to make.

So What are Your Goals for Retirement?

Are you planning to work until the age of 65 or greater?  I know I don’t want to and have a plan that I am working towards.  Why do so many people think that retiring early is not possible?  Just because you retire it doesn’t mean you still can’t do something to earn income.

Have you given much thought about retirement?  Like how much you would need to retire at the age you want?  Would you be willing to move to another country if it meant you could retire when you wanted?  Are you just okay with working until you cant work any longer?