Tips To Write Financial Hardship Letter with Medical Bills

If you need to avoid the foreclosure then you can write the hardship letter. The well-written letter can cause the lender to agree on the request of the borrower for the short sale. The medical bill is added faster in the serious illness event. After the accident of automobile, the injured party may need long-term care, expensive surgery and others.

The medical insurance may cover some of the medical expenses but not the entire expenses. Most of the people do not recognize that the medical liability is also the same as the debt of credit card or others. The medical debt is the unsecured debt. Sending the hardship letter for the medical bill is a simple way to reduce the medical bill procedure.

Guide for Writing a Hardship Letter for Medical Bills

If anyone looking tips for writing hardship letter with medical bills then you are at the right destination. Here you can get simple tips to write the medical hardship letter quickly.

  • The hardship letter must be simple and short. Try to complete within one page. If the letter is long then it may get the throw.
  • This letter should noticeably status the settlement offer that includes the excess amount of the bill.
  • The individuals personalize the hardship letter by including your family details that will get the lender to understand your situation quickly.
  • It provides more detail about the financial hardship. If it is impossible to work for some days or month that has affected your income then the details must be declared clearly. You can also attach the necessary documents like a bank statement, invoices, cash flow statement, letter, and others.
  • It must include the financial details like income source of consumer, monthly amount the individuals pay on the short or large debt like home mortgage and others.