What CEO’s and Global Business Leaders read everyday

Reading is an often overlooked element that plays a significant part in the success of CEOs and business leaders. By selecting the best content available on websites, in magazines and books, CEO’s keep updated on the current happenings, learn how to build rockets in the case of Elon Musk and importantly use the knowledge gained to drive their success. While building rockets might be a rather improbable scenario, business leaders are incorporating these websites and newspapers into their everyday reading list to help steer their companies successfully.

Pick What You Want to Read

Selecting reading material for the day often means planning in advance and ensuring that newspapers are readily available before heading to work. With digital editions easily accessible reading material often means opening up websites on tablets or just picking up “The Economist” magazine. Here is what most CEOs pick to read during the day and the tactics that they adopt to cover the maximum amount of material within a few hours.

The Economist

With The Economist a leading reading choice among CEOs several including Bill Gates have stated that they read the weekly magazine regularly. Factors that contribute to its popularity include expert authored articles on politics, science, technology and economics. The website of the magazine and the digital edition are also very popular as they are mobile friendly. Additionally the company released a mobile app earlier this year which it added to a long list of ten earlier versions. The new app relies on a curator to create a “Daily Picks” section which has content both from the weekly edition and also from the website. The app also provides access to the digital version of the print magazine so that business leaders can read on the go and in any part of the world.

New York Times

Among the many newspapers available the New York Times has a stellar reputation that is unmatched and it consistently lands among the picks of CEOs. The newspaper is part of a morning ritual many CEOs follow, which normally starts after they have had coffee until they start working for the day. Successful business leaders also plan how and when they read the New York Times, and even concentrate on specific sections such as the business news while ignoring the rest of the newspaper. Most even take the newspaper with them to the office on their iPad and read it during their commute.


Increasingly business leaders are on Twitter as their counterparts often have accounts which provide them with valuable tidbits of information. While the social networking site has a number of pitfalls in the form of anonymous accounts which are used by trolls, it provides valuable information to business leaders on trends and news stories that could impact their brand and company.

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Targeted at executives that are part of the “C-level” the CEO.com website ensures that business leaders have news and information they need to make the right decisions without missing a beat. Interviews and articles about CEOs make up most of the content and the front page of the website. With the aid of the content, fellow executives in the C-level can quickly change track when operating their business or double down in successful areas.

The Wall Street Journal

In existence since 1889 The Wall Street Journal has CEOs hooked on its content and they use it to catch up on financial news as they head out to office. The daily newspaper with a strong focus on business also comes in the form of a digital edition titled “In Today’s Paper”. The digital edition is based off the content available in the daily print edition and targeted at subscribers on the move. In addition to being a must read for those interested in financial news the paper delivers in-depth commentary on a variety of topics which helps business leaders make informed decisions.

Global Banking & Finance Review

Delivering global news online on its website and also via a print edition released quarterly, Global Banking & Finance Review has quickly become a must read for CEOs. The magazine has a loyal readership among business leaders who are looking to expand into specific countries with untapped business potential. The magazine ensures c-level decision makers are informed on politics and associated financial news in countries in the developing world, where for example Muslim banks are experiencing double digit growth. With a unique focus on countries and financial news that is overlooked by larger magazines Global Banking & Finance Review has grown its readership, and online it now attracts over 3.6 million visitors per year.


Covering several topics of interest including entertainment, lifestyle to business and financial news Forbes continues to attract CEOs who want to keep an eye on niche markets that could impact how their business performs. It attracts several million unique visitors per month on its website and it has a number of creators who deliver content through its social journalism platform. As a result the magazine attracts a high number of visitors who fall in the millennial age group. Unsurprisingly, it therefore a good tool to keep track of issues that are relevant to Millennials.

Social Media and Company Websites

CEO’s who are invested in growing their client base with the use of social media often make it point to check Twitter, Facebook and Instagram daily. Checking social media keeps decision makers on their toes and ready to deal with product or service problems that can result in a stock crash by the end of the day. Several CEOs also spend time on the company website checking recent blog posts and even go through websites run by competitors.

Unwinding at the end of the day often results in CEOs opening up a book to further expand their knowledge and many read up to one book per week. Using a book to top off a successful day spent, reading about and handling business matters, is the icing on the cake.