Why You Should Educate Yourself & Gain Connections to Land a Job in the Cannabis Industry

No matter what industry you are in, making connections with influential people within the industry in which you plan to work is essential for landing a job. But, it is even more important if you are looking to get involved in the highly competitive cannabis jobs market. There are plenty of opportunities for people to get involved in the industry, but the clear majority of employers still favour people they know or people who come with a personal recommendation.

The reason for this is dispensary owners are concerned to hire people that they don’t know. Credibility and trust is a big factor in gaining a job in the industry. Dispensary owners are concerned that new employees may steal cannabis from their dispensary and break the state rules, which can have harsh repercussions for the business as a whole. You can therefore see the importance of making connections. It is not to say that your connection needs to be your best friend, it just means becoming a bit more well known. For example, you could write a blog and post your views on the latest developments in the industry, and then you can gain trust and authority that way. Another way to network is to go to industry conferences and speak with fellow conference goers to gain contacts that way. The more times you do this, the greater chance you have of succeeding.

Make Sure You are Clued Up…

Connections are not the only thing you should have. It is essential that you some form of training or experience before your application is taken seriously.  You may have to consider a college course at a bare minimum, but there is a growing number of university degrees out there. For example, horticulture is a popular degree. Of course, you don’t need a degree for a job as a budtender for example, as dispensary owners will prefer someone who can demonstrate their knowledge rather than someone who has a generalized horticulture degree.

Have a browse online and research the various college courses and university programs that you can enrol in to become more educated in the cannabis sector. There are a wide number of courses out there, and it is possible to see reviews for each of them if you do your homework.

You can search for jobs in your local area by using the cannabis jobs near me tool at http://jobs.cannabis.net/cm/candidate/search_jobs.