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Would You Retire in Mexico from the US?

My wife and I have been thinking and talking about retirement a lot lately.  To retire in Mexico was not one of the things we can much thought about.  Some of the places we wanted to move and that made the top of our list were Spain, Greece, and Italy.

These as well as Australia (one of mine) not the wifey, are places that we have given much consideration to.  However the one thing my loving wife complains about with all the other places is the distance we would be from family.

Why Retiring in Mexico Would Work

My wifey and I have gone on several vacations to Mexico and love it there.  Though its still not one of my top places to move to it fits the bill quiet nicely.  The beaches are great and for the most part we would be able to afford something close to the water.

Culture in Mexico is really great too so moving there in when we retire would allow our little ones to get exposure to another culture outside of the US.  Food is good and there are a lot of places to visit to learn more about the history of Mexico.

Another good thing is that it would really still force us to learn a second language.  We are thinking of moving/retiring within the next 5 or so years so it also puts Twinkie in the mix to be bilingual which is always great for a kid.

The money we have here could go a long way if we retired in Mexico instead of staying in the US.  And when we look at how much closer we would be to family the wifey really wants me to put it on the list.

However she will only move there is we are within step of the beach and many miles away from where all the horrible action seems to take place.  Not that I blame her since I agree 110%.

Why Mexico Wouldn’t Work for Retirement

Some of the reasons that come to mind when I think of why I wouldn’t retire there are too close, still aways from places we want to visit, and we can always visit Mexico.  I know they are the biggest reasons in the world but seriously though.

One of the things the wife and I wanted to do was really move.  I mean going abroad and being some place like Greece or Marbella, Spain.  While we have never been to those places it takes nothing for us to plan to go to Mexico.

Within a few hours we are back to the states but we would still be worlds away from all the places we have on our bucket list to visit.  I would complain about not knowing Spanish but heck almost any place we move at this point is going to be a language barrier.

Retiring to Mexico Maybe – Maybe Not

I don’t think moving to Mexico when we retire is a bad idea.  But its surely not the top spot on the list.  One great thing is family can visit a lot, well that could be bad if they come too much and drive us nuts.

Cacun Mexico

We really enjoyed our trips to Mexico and all the recent news about people from the US moving to there really caught our attention.  I am not sure its the place of us but we kinda put it on the list of places we would consider moving in when the teens graduate high school.

For now though we are just going to enjoy trying to figure the places we want to move to and plan trips to the places we haven’t been so we can see them in person.

Where Would You Like to Retire?

Is Mexico on your list of places you would like to retire?  Why or why not?  If not Mexico where would be your top choice and why?  Do you want to stay in the US or move abroad?

If you stayed in the United States would you have a lot of plans to go traveling?  Would Mexico be one of the places you would at least travel to?