Your Best Options for Tradeshow Shipping

For exhibitors who exhibit regularly, shipping the tradeshow materials is one of the tasks that must be done right and in good time. There are always a number of options available, and it is proper to choose wisely to avoid the hassles and the disappointments that comes with a poor shipping experience.

For most exhibitors, shipping in advance to the show warehouse is usually more economical than sending the items directly to the show. Shipping straight to the trade show is sometimes a juggling act, since you have to search for a shipper who will be willing to deliver your materials to the event’s venue or to another specified location. It is not always obvious that you will find one.

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If you only have to ship small items such as replacement graphics of product samples, then it would be more convenient to ship the items to yourself or a team member at your hotel. This is so that the items can easily be carried to the floor on the event day.

When it comes to the choice of shipping containers, the common options available include small molded plastic shipping cases and the large custom wooden crates. The choice of either will basically depend on the volume of items to be shipped. The main pricing factor, however, will be on the weight of the items. Whatever option you choose, just be sure to include some padding to offer additional protection to the items being shipped.

Irrespective of how you choose to ship or whom you choose to do the delivery, it is imperative to keep very clear records regarding the shipping. You should take note of all the important phone numbers and contacts of the shippers, the tracking numbers, and BOLs amongst others. You should also consider taking photos of all the paperwork so that if anything shows up damaged, you will have irrefutable proof to make your claims.